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Beeline Taxis, SevenoaksBeeline Taxis, SevenoaksSevenoaks (01732) 456214
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Beeline Taxis "Textback" service

We have recently installed a brand new facility which will send automated texts to your mobile to update you on the status of your Taxi, free of charge.

When you call us using your mobile this will happen automatically, if you call us using your landline we will ask you for your mobile number.

When you make a booking with Beeline, be it for immediately or at anytime in the future, you will receive a text; "Your Taxi from ABC Street has been booked".

When your booking is automatically despatched you will receive a further text; "Your Taxi has been despatched to ABC Street".

When our driver is outside we will send you a further text; "Your Taxi is outside, it is a Silver Mondeo reg no AJ57KYD"

This is particularly beneficial if you are attending a busy function or at a restaurant or pub. Simply wait for your text to tell you that your taxi has arrived. No more hanging about in the cold months.

All Beeline Taxis are clearly identified by door stickers on both sides and the rear of the vehicle - together with a smart and friendly driver!